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Photos by Jamie Goto or courtesy of players


Ricky Hoag, #57, 6-11 (LBSU), and Andy Tomkinson, #35, 6-9 (UCSB), clamp down on hitter @ May 20th APVL Tryout.

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Jeff Taylor, 6-3, OH (CSUN) Hits high at an American Pro Volleyballl League Tryout.

Ryan Jay Owens was hitting over the top of the antenna at an American Pro Volleyball League Tryout.

Chris Harger, 6-10, (UCI/AVP) hits against #72 and Marcin Jagoda, 6-4 (UCLA) at July 1 American Pro Volleyball Event. Marcin is only 6-4, but has serious 40"+ hops. Harger can only be described as awesome! And who is #72?

Donny Harris, 6-7, OPP, (UCSB) hits against the block of John Coons, 6-5, OH (UCLA) and Macklay Wilson, 6-8, OPP/MB (BYU) at an American Pro Volleyball League Event.

Casey Patterson, 6-6, BYU, smokes line around a pretty large block, (6-9) and (6-7), at the APVL May 20th Tryouts.

Matt Prosser, 6-7 (LBSU)#13, blocks as Casey Patterson, 6-6 (BYU) sets a quick to Duncan Budinger, 6-8 (LBSU). Brooks Dierdorff, 6-3 (UCSD)#53 assists at an APVL Event.

Curt Toppel, #58, 6-9, OPP (Stanford) hits over the block on a "X" from setter after Ricky Hoag #57, 6-11, MB, (LBSU) freezes the opposing middle.












Want to Play Pro Volleyball?

The American Pro Volleyball League (APVL) is an organization that promotes Men’s Indoor Volleyball, played at its highest level.   Our first goal is to create a venue that will showcase top volleyball talent and teams in the United States to all fans nationwide, or even worldwide that crave the best in American indoor six man volleyball.  It’s a shame that with all the talent, infrastructure, and wealth that we have in this country, we don’t have a pro indoor volleyball league or even a wealth of after college, semi pro, or Open level leagues.  We hope to change that. 

cameraWe intend to build our league into a quality product, modeled after the Professional Leagues of Europe and Asia, and to televise all our venues in one form or another on satellite or cable or other distribution technology. 

We will have a major internet presence, giving our league, its players, coaches, and teams etc. a showcase and exposure to help obtain sponsorships or endorsements.  We intend to use the latest technologies to distribute and market our product to the world.
We are currently recruiting for top Open, AA, AVP Pro, International Players, Coaches, Teams, Sponsors, Investors, and Prospective Owners. 

You may want to apply as an individual or bring a few other players, or even your whole team, but players may be eventually required to be subject to a draft.  The ideal candidates are high profile players or coaches or those with other impeccable credentials such as MVPs, All American, AVP tournament winners or those with high media recognition.

But anyone who thinks he can play or wants to play at this level or has some skill or talent to contribute to this endeavor is invited to apply. We may intially hold a few “friendship” challenge matches, which will be basically scrimmages that will serve as a "tryout" to help showcase your talents for that eventual draft.

Ray Goto, APVL Commissioner, is currently in discussion with USA Volleyball’s (USAV) Men’s Head Coach, Hugh McCutcheon, to work together to develop the league.   McCutcheon thinks that the APVL could be a valuable resource in further developing the quality of Volleyball in the United States and, more specifically, the quality of players available to the USAV men’s national team program.  The APVL will provide a venue for elite players just coming out of college and national team veterans that desire continued quality competition, but do not want to go overseas to play.

Currently, Americans outside the national team system must go overseas for this level of volleyball. The ongoing development of the league will expand the availability of the best trained and skilled American players for the USAV national team.

Many of the players on the USAV national training team will probably be involved. Hugh McCutcheon (USA national team), Troy Tanner (USA national team), Jeremy Darner (SDSU), Lance Walker (Pepperdine), Denny Cline (California Collegiate Volleyball Conference), Robert Espero (UCI), Kris Dorn (Cal Baptist), Art Garcia (LBCC), Jay Hosack (USA national training team), Brian Ceponis (Notre Dame), Steve Conti, (CDM High), Tom Pestolesi (IVC) , Pat Powers (USC), Chris Harger (national team/AVP), Gordon Mayforth (Loyola-Chicago), Jamie Goto (Uni High), Chris Goto (Uni High) and others are helping to organize teams and league structure.  I would like to especially thank Bill Sigler, President of, the official uniform provider for the APVL. Thank you guys for doing your part to help.

We also need your help. If you are one of the top 100 players in this country, you owe it to yourself and American volleyball to check us out. Also, If you have some talent or skill that might help us reach our goal, let us know. Help us develop this league. We'll need lots of help to pull this off. At the very least, you may be around some of the best volleyball in the world.

If you want to be considered for the draft or participate in some way, fill out the information form below.


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